August 8th, 2008


If you put your mind to it

We always knew that translating interviews was harder than translating manga, because there's a lot of "lingo" that doesn't tend to show up in manga itself. We also always knew that translating stuff from English into Japanese was harder than translating it the other way around. Today we learned that when you put the two together, it's almost despairingly impossible. But! we also learned that anything's possible if you put your mind to it! And we finished the translation! Yay!! Hopefully it turned out okay; we're always nervous about our E->J translations. I mean, if it's just us talking to people, we just leave out the stuff we're not sure how to say, but when we're translating something for someone else, we don't have that luxury.

But anyway, as a reward for persevering, we got our CDs from CD Japan today! Well, most of them. We're still waiting for the CD dramas (one of the I Hate You♥ ones is on backorder, so the two CDs we ordered with it (another I Hate You♥ and Me & My Brothers) have to wait with it *sniffle*). And soon, hopefully, we'll be able to listen to them.

And while we've been working and working, we've had our LJ friends list up and hitting refresh over and over and over so all the baby dragons and dragon eggs that people are raising won't die. (Some of them are dangerously close!) I'd post a link so people who aren't raising dragons can help, but I don't know what link I'd post. Hm.

Anyway, we're going to run off and do Stuff. Today I'm thankful for the power of perseverance, Wikipedia and its miraculous saving powers, getting shiny shiny CDs, the "refresh" button, and having the weekend ahead of us.