August 7th, 2008


Fruits Basket 22

You know, yesterday, when I was talking about how I would wait until the next day to write about Fruits Basket because I felt like we'd worked too long already (even though I knew we hadn't) and I thought I'd have time today anyway, I knew there was a risk that something might come up and we'd end up with less time. It's like whenever Athena says, "Oh, I won't need to save it right now," and passes right on by the save point, and proceeds to get game over. It happens every time. And now it's happened again. But I said I would, and for all I know, it won't take very long anyway. So might as well, right?

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Incidentally, we just looked up "Tori," and apparently it's the month of the Bird and the hour of the Bird as we type this up.

And now there's only one volume left. This is actually the longest series we've translated. It's also the one that I think it's the one where the deadlines were farthest apart, so we've been working on it for a loooooong time. More than five years already. I sure hope we get to translate Natsuki Takaya's next one.

Today I'm thankful for roosters, the existence of anime (the question came up, "What would your life be like without anime?" and we can't even imagine what we'd be doing for a living), Snickers ice cream bars being on sale when we went to the store on Tuesday, Ben & Jerry's ice cream also being on sale that day, and neat trivia facts.