August 6th, 2008


Fruits Basket and Disneyland

The idea was that, once we got through the Deadline Death Gauntlet, we'd be able to go at a more leisurely pace and have more time after work for relaxing and things. We were sure we would have plenty of free time today, because we were making such good time on Fruits Basket that we had already reached our quota before lunch. So we decided we'd work for one more hour after that, to get ahead of the game, and then we'd work on Kieli, and then we'd have time for other things. But when the CD ended to tell us we were done with Fruits Basket for the day, we were in the middle of that one chapter with the stuff, and that would have been a terrible place to stop for the whole day. So we kept going and finished the book. Teh heh♥

But because we ended up working almost as long as a normal Death Gauntlet day, I feel like we don't have time to spare to write a review. Well, actually, there probably is time, but I don't think it will take too long to check the translation, so I should have extra time tomorrow, and I will write up our thoughts on it then.

In the meantime, communication is proving once again to be... interesting. When Mom picked us up to take us to go to the grocery store last night, the Disneyland trip got brought up, and Mom said, "I thought that was canceled." And we were like, "Wha...?" Asking questions is a very good thing, and we found out that Sarah was having second thoughts because, she not having any money, the plan was for her boyfriend to pay for her admission. Since the whole discount ticket (through Universal Studios employee friends) thing wasn't working, that would amount to her boyfriend paying a looooooot of money, and he's not really rich either, so she didn't want to make him spend the money, but she didn't want to cancel either. We're not sure if that's because she loves Disneyland as much as we do or because she's really hoping he'll propose while we're there, but either way, Mom said she was very, very distressed. So we said hey, we can afford it, and we've already reserved a hotel, so why don't we pay for Sarah's ticket. We can call it an early birthday present. Mom said she'd discuss with Sarah and her boy, and either she'd call or have Sarah call us tomorrow (today).

We didn't get a call until this afternoon, when Mom said, "I've been instructed to tell you that Disneyland is back on." (As far as we were concerned, it was never officially off, which is good because it would have been a major hassle to re-reserve a hotel after canceling.) My first thought was, "Does that mean they found some other way to take care of it...?" So I asked Mom what exactly was going on and found out that Sarah has accepted our birthday present. Now, we really don't have any problems with paying for her admission (we really don't, and Sarah even said we could count it as a Christmas present, too), but I think these are the kind of things you need to make sure people are clear on. Ah well; questions are our friends. And now we get to go to Disneyland, With People!

Today I'm thankful for questions, getting answers to those questions, getting to translate Fruits Basket 22, once again having cheese for grilled cheese sandwiches, and Michiru (Kamichama Karin) wallpaper.