August 4th, 2008



Today has been a pretty laid back day. The idea was to sleep in, but the FedEx lady came by a little before nine, so the plan failed. It was just as well, though, because the other plan (enacted simultaneously) was to try to wake up before ten. Success! (Sleeping in a few minutes is still sleeping in.)

So we did some work on the novel, and then we spent a long time doing workreation in the form of reading Negima manga. It's amazing to me that some people can read a whole book of manga in half an hour or less--we were reading for like three hours and we've each gotten the equivalent of about a book and a half read. Of course the estimates are very rough--we kept taking breaks for cookies, and I know I'm not sure where I started today and I sure don't remember where I left off (number-wise; story-wise, I know exactly where I am).

Somewhere on the agenda is working on our own copy of DN Angel 12, because even though we already have the work order to do it for TokyoPop, we want to do it for ourselves first. Kind of ironic, though, because it's kind of like adding more work to our schedule. We'll just call it a preliminary translation. We finished working on Bus Gamer on Saturday, and that helped us to realize that it can be relaxing to translate manga (even though it's what we do for work) when there's no pressure to do it exactly right.

But what I really want to do is read the Akiyoshi Family Series. I'm in the middle of Chizuru's story (Uta o Kikasete), and it's awesome. I want everybody in the world to read it. It's about a kid who started rebelling against like everything and why he did it and what brought him back, and since we kind of know somebody in that situation (but only kind of, so we're not really in a position to do anything about it), we want everybody to read it and learn from it. There are some good messages for everybody in it, I think. Too bad there's no English version, as far as we know.

Speaking of Banri Hidaka, though, we finally e-mailed our boss at CMX to ask about what they do with fan letters, and he gave a long and detailed answer that we think boils down to they do forward them, but they go through a lot of screening and sometimes it takes a long time. Publishers in Japan are very protective of their manga artists, apparently. And, after reading about seiyuu fan riots at the AX forums, it would seem they have good reason to be.

Anyway, even on our days off, we have a lot to do, so back to workreation! Today I'm thankful for not sleeping too late, leftover cookies, getting to work on DN Angel finally (oh my goodness, the end of eleven!), Chizuru's awesome story, and still being pretty good at guessing voice actors even though we haven't been watching nearly as much since we stopped downloading.