August 2nd, 2008


We're helping the industry!

As you may have guessed by the time stamp on this entry (assuming you were paying enough attention to notice it; I know I almost never notice the time stamps), we didn't get to go to Disney Daze today. Mom called yesterday and said she remembered she had a big long seminary teachers' meeting to go to today, and since it was from eight-thirty to three, that pretty much spoiled our whole plan. On the one hand, we were okay with it, because after working and working and working like crazy all month, we were glad to be able to sleep in. But on the other hand, we were pretty excited about it. We even finally got around to burning the Hercules and Hunchback of Notre Dame soundtracks to CD so we could listen to them on the way there. We were especially excited about letting Mom hear them, because Esmeralda's song, "God Help the Outcasts," is one of her favorites ever and she doesn't get to hear it much because it's not on any of the Disney compilation albums that are out.

But there wasn't a whole lot we could do about being sad about it, so we just said, "Bummer," and went on with all the other fun things we have to do. Except that we've been playing Haruka 4 for so long now, we decided it was time for a change of scenery, and we couldn't decide what we wanted to do. We're really bad when it comes to that kind of thing, because when we have so many possibilities it's really hard to give up all of them in favor of one. We eventually managed to decide on Gundam Seed Destiny, which we only recently started buying on DVD, but hadn't actually started watching yet. But that reminded us that we haven't seen the Gundam Seed movies, and we think we're missing something, so we need to. And so we spent this morning shopping online and supporting the anime industry! Yay!

Only we ended up not actually buying the Gundam Seed movies, because they didn't have all three of them at Rightstuf. We found out we can get the set of them at Dot Anime, which we will (eventually), but part of our master plan was to get Chrono Crusade, because it's on sale at Rightstuf this week, and we didn't want to miss it (again). Unfortunately, it was two dollars less than what you need to order to get free shipping. It would have been fine if we could have just ordered the Gundam Seed movies. But when we went to Dot Anime to see what was going on with them, we discovered that Gurren Lagann part 2 comes out on Tuesday and we almost missed it! So we were able to order that and Code Geass, and get free shipping but spend a lot more money than we were planning to anyway. But we consoled ourselves in that we are supporting the industry.

We also made another order to CD Japan, because we found out they have the Sekai be Ichiban Daikirai (aka I Hate You More Than Anyone) drama CDs, and we decided we need them. Like, Need. Neeeeeeeeeeeeed. I'm not entirely sure why, but I'm pretty sure it has a lot to do with, hello, it's Maki Sugimoto. Talking! Out loud and not just in our imaginations! And then Akira Ishida♥ plays grown-up Ichihisa, and we have no idea who plays Mizushima so we have to find out (grown-up Ichihisa can't be in it too much, so...?)... so we decided we needed it. But we couldn't add it to the order we made last night because we paid with Paypal and they don't let you do it that way. So we paid another twenty bucks for shipping... or would have except we had points so we got it down to ten.

Aaaand today I'm just rambling a lot. We ended up being a lot more impatient to get our orders than normal (I know we only just ordered everything and it's Saturday, but we want it NOW, dangit!), and we finally figured out why but it's pretty angsty.

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And so we want Maki to come and make it all better. But in the meantime, we just come and ramble on Live Journal, because sometimes, all you need to do is talk. Not about anything in particular. Just talk.

Today I'm thankful for getting to sleep in today, all the shiny CDs that will eventually be on their way here, finding out that Gurren Lagann's coming out so we could order it (we still haven't had time to watch part one!), having time to read manga today, and the fact that we have ice cream in our freezer (it's good for the soul).