July 28th, 2008



I keep coming up with things I want to mention and then forgetting about them. There's an anime convention Right Here in Fresno this very Saturday. It's like super super tiny. Well, maybe not super super tiny, but five hundred compared to Anime Expo's forty-four thousand is pretty small. We think we want to go, but when we mentioned it to the one person who might be interested in going with us, she didn't seem interested. Bummer. Maybe we'll see if we can get former home teacher to drive us there and pick us up after. They have a costume contest, and I'm sure we could win something with our Donald and Goofy costumes, even with just a walk on. This convention is so small, cosplayers get five whole minutes for skits! That's twice and a half what AX Masqueraders get! But we don't have time to come up with skits. The Deadline Death Gauntlet doesn't end until we turn in Higurashi. Kind of fitting for a scary Deadline Death Gauntlet.

I also realized we completely forgot about doing anything with pictures this weekend. Well, not completely. There was one time on Sunday when I was like, "Oh yeah, we were supposed to at least think about uploading pictures..." but it didn't get a whole lot farther than that. It will have to wait until we're through the Gauntlet.

In the meantime, we're still working a little harder than we'd like, but that happens sometimes. We started on the second Kieli novel today, which was neat, because with the manga and reading the first novel on our own and translating and checking and everything, we've technically been through the first novel like four or five times. It's kind of weird having something new, but it's neat.

Today I'm thankful for those Pillsbury cookies with the American flag on them, not being killed by them despite baking them four days after the sell-by date, new Kieli, remembering that Fresno has a convention before it happened, and the idea of being able to take a day off soon if we want to.