July 27th, 2008


We're it!

We have been tagged by more_dragoncelt!

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We tag baranoneko, chibidrunksanzo, umadoshi, phoenix_melody, and kabochan. We dare you.

In other news, Yen Press announced the Kieli novels yesterday, and with CMX having Hana no Namae (we don't remember what the title ended up as, but it's probably similar to The Name of the Flower) in their sampler and announcing March on Earth at Comic Con, that means everything we're currently working on is now public knowledge. Tadah! As you may have figured out by the designation "novels," the Kieli novels are the Big Project we've been working on. The series is our first time working on prose professionally, so it's really time consuming and hard, but we're doing our best! And hopefully getting better as we go along. If you're curious to know what the Kieli novels are about, try checking out the manga, also translated by us!

We're really enjoying the CMX titles, too. CMX seems to have really good taste. We were just at their website and discovered that we really need to read Tears of the Lamb, but man are we reluctant to buy it in English, and Kinokuniya doesn't have the earlier volumes in Japanese. Well, the Seattle one has one and two, but nobody has three or four. I really think that any summary I could give of anything wouldn't really do justice to the titles, so...

But then again I've been told that if I want people to check out our favorite things, I have to give long detailed reviews... but doesn't that take all the fun out of reading something new? At any rate, I'm tired of writing, so no reviews today.

Today I'm thankful for being tagged, getting to talk about a bunch of titles we couldn't talk about before, being only one chapter away from Nagi's ending (man, that guy's story is intense!), glasses, and psychology.