July 26th, 2008


The Wii Encounter

Last night, we got an unexpected call from Mom inviting us out to Red Robins with her and Sarah for dinner. We suspect it had something to do with the fact that both of their boys are out of town this weekend, but whatever the reason, hey, we get to go to a restaurant! And Red Robins has the awesomest cheese sticks. So off to dinner we went!

As we got there, Sarah and Mom noticed that the nearby Mervyn's was having a going-out-of-business sale, so after dinner it was time for shopping. Fortunately for those of us who hate clothes shopping, most of the Mervyn's shopping was limited to looking at watches for Mom. There was some shiny jewelry, too, and we were tempted because we can actually afford jewelry and because we got the Haruka 4 treasure box, which came with a very shiny jewelry thingie containing a necklace with eight interchangeable stones--but only one. And it's not cool for one of us to get to wear a shiny necklace while the other has nothing (though we do have a Gavinner's necklace we bought at Animate in Ikebukuro; we might just start trading those). But we're also terribly indecisive, and reluctant to buy things we've never bought before, so we passed.

But this was not just a trip to pick something up--it was a shopping trip. So we kept wandering the mall. There was a place that seems to be mostly East Asian imports, including kimonos, Chinese clothes, swords, etc. But it also caters to the anime and D&D crowds, in that it has anime stuff and things like chain mail. We may have to go there later and see if they have tabi, because my Eisen costume really needs them. We had to stop at Anchor Blue so Sarah could see if they had the shirt she wants to buy her boyfriend, and we stopped at Bath & Body Works and smelled all their pretty smelly things. There was a formal dress store that had big poofy skirts on all the display dresses, and Sarah's been wanting to dress as Toy Story version Bo Peep since her boyfriend suggested dressing as Woody for that dance that was either tonight or last week that they never got back to us on (just as well, since we did Not have time to make costumes). So we went in to see if they sold hoop skirts.

Lo and behold, they do. At first, I was like, "This opens up a whole World of new cosplay ideas!" And then I was like, "But are there that many hoop skirts in anime?" We've always thought it would be fun to cosplay FushigiBoshi no Futago Hime with all their princess dresses and stuff, but I'm kind of getting tired of wearing costumes that nobody recognizes. Of course, dresses like that will probably be photographed regardless, and if Tetsuya Kakihara comes to AX, he would recognize us (I hope), and that would be good enough. Anyway, this will require some thought and planning.

And then... there was Game Stop. Mom always likes to go to Game Stop to see if there are any DS games she would be interested in buying, and as we were looking at all of them, Athena saw Final Fantasy IV taunting her and pointed it out, at which point one of the girls working there started to commiserate. Mom asked her if there was anything new on the Zelda or Castlevania front (apparently those are the only games she'll play), and when they were done talking the girl said to come to her if we needed anything else. So I decided to be bold. I said, "You wouldn't happen to have any Wiis in stock, would you?" Lo and behold, they actually did.

But! something like a Wii isn't something you can just buy on an impulse! (Actually, I think it is, but we were not of that frame of mind yesterday.) We were like, "It would be awesome, but we don't have time! We're still playing Haruka 4, and we still have Tactics Advance 2 after that, and we still need to get all those endings on those other Neo Romance games, not to mention the Fushigi Yuugi one we've been neglecting, and there's still the second half of Chain of Memories, and..." And that's why we weren't sure now was the best time to buy a Wii. So the whole rest of the shopping trip, we were like, "Should we buy it? I don't know. I want it, but..."

Finally, we made it back to Mervyn's, and Mom was taking a long time with her watch decision (now we know where we got it from), and we were just about ready to dash all the way back to Game Stop (opposite side of the mall) and buy a Wii, but Mom decided she was going to wait another day to see if she really wanted to buy that watch, and she suggested she call us and if we wanted the Wii after all, she could take us with her. Our theory of shopping is if you put it back on the shelf and are kicking yourself when you get home, then you want it enough to go buy it, so we decided to go along with this plan, despite the possibility of the Wiis being gone when we got back.

And so today came. And Mom forgot all about us. And our mind was made up for us. The end.

In the meantime, we pre-ordered Harukanaru Toki no Nakade: Yume no Ukihashi for DS from Play Asia, and then we went to the official home page, where we listened to the special voice samples, and man, they weren't kidding when they called it Yume no Ukihashi (Floating Bridge of Dreams). So now we have to get a bunch of endings from Harukas 2 and 3 before it comes, which I guess means it's just as well that we didn't get a Wii. Although we could use what exercise a Wii would give us, even without Wii Fit. It's kind of pathetic, really.

And after that (well, inbetween, since we ordered the game, then went and played Haruka 4, then looked at the home page), we got Futsuhiko's ending in Haruka 4. Hoshi-san is always so cute♥

Today I'm thankful for getting to go out to Red Robins (or is there supposed to be an apostrophe?), getting to go shopping (it's been so long since we've just gone around a mall looking at stuff), having time to get another Haruka 4 ending, having time to read manga today, and those cinnamon twisty things with the chocolate frosting from Pillsbury.