July 20th, 2008


Akiyoshis and Dr. Horrible

The original plan was to spend a little time prepping pictures (Japan, AX) to post here for today's entry, but since we weren't really chatting with anybody and we decided that we should spend smaller chunks of time at the computer (because for some reason being at the computer is very tiring), that didn't happen. But I'm mentioning it anyway, because hopefully that will help me remember it for next weekend, because it probably won't be until then that we feel like we have enough free time for it again.

The only problem being now I don't know what to write about. Athena said, "Maybe we can post like, five pictures or something," but... Wow, I guess I'm just super lazy. But I promise we will post pictures! Eventually!

We did get to read some manga today, which was nice. Hana to Yume released all of the pre-"I Hate You♥" Akiyoshi Family Serieseseses in two huge books called the Akiyoshi Brothers Special Editions 1 and 2, so we each took one and are taking turns reading them. But Athena got to start hers first, so I'm not sure how the timing will work on that. But if we hadn't done it that way, we would have spent practically forever deciding who got to read what first, so it's really for the best. I don't know how many American Akiyoshi fans have noticed, but all the siblings' names have a different place value. Kazuha's ten thousand (literally, her name means "ten thousand leaves"), Chizuru's a thousand (one thousand cranes), Momoka's a hundred (one hundred flowers), Tonami's ten (ten waves), Ichihisa is one (one... long... time? I guess (we looked it up, and "hisa" can mean "long time" or "old story," so maybe it's a tale as old as time?), and Rei is zero (zero). So on the title page for the stories about each sibling, there's a bar that has all the numbers (like this: 0 1 10 100 1000) (Kazuha's story isn't in it, so it only goes up to 1000), and there's a heart around the number of whoever's story it's about. We think it's neat♥

And the paper is super fancy. It reminds me of Doujin Work, when Najimi is showing her first doujinshi to all her doujin artist friends, and the only nice thing they can think of to say about it is, "This is really nice paper. You don't see paper this nice on most doujinshi." Only this time, the stories are really good! Or at least we think so. Besides, high school Ichihisa? All I can say is ♥

I wonder if more than one person will understand this entry...

Right! I think we were going to mention Dr. Horrible. What were we going to say about him again? The master plan. We read the page about it, but we couldn't tell what it was exactly. All I got was Joss Whedon wants to change show business by having everybody watch Dr. Horrible, but I seem to have missed the details on how that's supposed to do anything. Athena thinks the idea is that it's possible to distribute something for free on the internet and still have people support it financially when things go on sale? But we also heard it had something to do with the writers' strike and I'm not sure how that would tie in. Athena can make sense of it, but me not so much.

We've only seen the first episode so far, and for some reason I feel bad downloading it on a Sunday, but I also kind of like the idea of paying for the episodes when they're available that way, so I think we can wait. Oh, and I guess I better provide a link for the people who don't know about it yet. From what everyone else says I think the important thing you need to know is that it's a supervillain musical. But today is the last day it's available for free.

And hopefully all that was at least a little coherent.

Today I'm thankful for Akiyoshis, fancy paper, getting rain today (in July! and there wasn't even any thunder! (that we heard)), Dr. Horrible, and having a Freschetta pizza for dinner tonight.