July 17th, 2008


Hey, it's Disneyland's birthday!

We thought really hard about getting more work done today, since we finished a little early. But we actually finished a lot early and used the time to get even more work done, and the thought of doing any more work is kind of brain-hurty, so we decided we should give ourselves a break. We have been working really hard all week, after all.

We've pretty much gotten to a point where I don't usually feel the need to report about Disneyland, since when we're by ourselves, not a whole lot of new and exciting stuff happens, but this time we had some surprises in store, so report I shall!

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Today I'm thankful for having time to get extra work done and still stop early, getting to see the perfect Tinkerbell, good timing with shows and buses, the Summer of Indiana Jones (I think that's what they're calling it), and the awesome awesome Toy Story ride.