July 15th, 2008

kid flash

Translate like the wind!

Ack, where does the time go? We've been working like crazy. I feel like we'll finally be able to come up for air after we get in the next volume of Higurashi... which is the fourth thing we have to work on. But we're making good progress, I think. The biggest concern is whether or not we'll finish Gakuen Alice soon enough to meet all the deadlines after it (and it's not even the one we're working on right now), but we think we'll be okay. And in the meantime, I only have half an hour before Jeopardy!, so back to the report!

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Still a lot left to do today. Today I'm thankful for Mimsy on the chair, Oreo on the OMNI bag, getting to shake Yoko Ishida's hand, not having too many problems because of being stampless, and friendly shuttle drivers.