July 9th, 2008


Reporting not-so-live!

Our schedule is going to be super crazy for a while. We have a deadline a week after Friday, and then a week after that, which doesn't sound so bad until we look at the calendar and see we then have more deadlines the following Monday, Wednesday, then Friday again, and realize Big Project is due somewhere in the middle. But on the other hand, it's kind of exciting to see if we can get everything in on time without having to ask for extensions or anything.

And of course, it's always during busy times like this that I want to be reporting on our big long trips. It makes sense, when you think about it, since we wouldn't be quite so busy if we hadn't taken the trip. But anyway, on to the reporting!

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Aaaand the actual contents of the panel will have to wait until tomorrow, because we still have work to do!

Today I'm thankful for AX visors, friends who will let us cut in line with them (though I realize this should not be made a habit), the AX shuttle service, the camaraderie of people at AX, and oh my goodness we got to see Toshihiko Seki in person!