June 30th, 2008

kid flash

What is this "free time"...?

We were planning to be working on this book all day today and all day tomorrow, because it's crrrraaaazy long, but! finishing it up only took all day today, and we still don't have the book for our next assignment, which means we get a little bit of free time tomorrow! This is so unexpected it almost doesn't compute. Fortunately, we have lots of things to fill the time with, including making last minute preparations for AX.

I think that's actually part of why I was suddenly afraid when I realized we'd finished the book--having nothing left to do but get ready for AX reminds me that we need to do that. And that's kind of scary for some reason. Athena suggests that maybe we feel vastly unprepared without new costumes. But once we actually get ready for AX, then we'll feel ready and it won't be as scary. We've also been reminded that we need to upload our Japan pictures. I'm not sure we have that much free time, but I guess we'll see.

As for the book we still don't have, that's a little bit scary, because, since we're going to Disneyland, it's due the day after we get back. But if worse comes to worst, we can always find our way to Kinokuniya and pick up a copy (Kinokuniya always has a booth at the convention, but lately they mostly seem to only bring artbooks). And if the next volume is anything like the rest of the series, it shouldn't take too long to translate.

Aside from our rational and irrational fears, everything's going really well. We even got the checks we've been praying would get here before AX so we could pay for rent and hotel without too many problems. It's funny, because we seem to always be expecting to get most of our money after we get back from a trip instead of before, when it would be the most helpful. It's good, though, because it helps us not to go overboard with the spending.

Today I'm thankful for getting those checks before we leave, finishing that book sooner than expected, having a ride to the train station and back, the realization that if we do end up having to go to Kinokuniya one of the AX hotels is right next to it which means we can take the shuttle, and having extra time to take care of things.