June 24th, 2008


What, no Mickey Mouse?

Despite lots of shiny arriving today, there is no Haruka 4. This is a very good thing, actually, because it makes it a lot easier for us to get our schedule in order before it does get here. Well, sort of. There are a few things that are still in limbo. Details below.

The first shiny came with a knock at the door. Last time we got something from Play Asia, there was no knock at the door, so we figured it wasn't them, but hope springs eternal. Instead, it was the UPS guy! (Play Asia orders come via USPS.) And he had not one, but two! packages for us. The first was one we really should have expected, because we just made an order from Kinokuniya on Saturday. That box remains unopened, however, because I'm afraid that at this point in our lives, what with all the other shiny we've been getting, if we were to open it up, we would be disintegrated by the blinding shiny that would emerge. Okay, so actually it's more that we're trying to forget that we have the newest volume of DN Angel (DN Angel♥!♥!♥!), because we have no idea how we're going to fit it into our schedule presently. So much working lately has us loathe to stay at the computer in our free time. Athena suggests working on it on the laptop--then we can sit on the couch. Not a bad idea. But we'll see.

The second package was entirely unexpected, because we never pay attention to release dates. It was our comp copies of Kamichama Karin chu! (It came out today!) And it's sooooo cute♥♥♥ We were really excited to be offered this series, because we started watching the anime and were sad that we didn't get to work on its predecessor, Kamichama Karin (or non-chu, as we call it (like how the first part of Saiyuki is non-Reload)). And we love it to bits, even if sometimes it does look like a Sailor Moon ripoff. Athena says, "We like to think of it more as Sailor Moon's little sister."

The next round of shiny came after lunch, when Athena got the mail. First, there was Endless Waltz, so now we can watch it and then finish translating stuff! We're actually really glad it didn't come the same day as Haruka 4, because now we won't have to tear ourselves away from Haruka 4 for it. Of course, we'd probably get engrossed enough in it when we start watching it that it wouldn't be a problem, but that starting it would be tricky.

And finally, there was the package slip. Of course we thought it was Haruka 4, so we're like, "Eeeee!" but also like, "So much for productivity." So we went to the office and handed our package slip to one of the managers, who went and retrieved... a RightStuf box. And that's when we remembered. We got a shipping confirmation the other day for our very special (because it's so special to us) edition of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. We're so excited about this! Even though we have no idea when we're going to watch it (but that's okay! because we've already seen it). Also, for those of you who don't buy anime DVDs because you don't want to support dubs, there is no dub track on it! There will be a dub eventually, but you don't have to pay for it!

Anyway, I've mentioned Gurren Lagann before, but I really want to recommend Netflixing it or something, because this series really is fantastic. The characters are crazy in a Hare + Guu sort of way, where they say the most unexpected things that seem crazy and random at first, but then somehow make sense. It's got action, adventure, romance, and giant robots! But don't be turned off by the giant robots, because it's really about the characters and not the robots, and they're just so awesome. And it's all about overcoming any obstacle that stands in your way and accomplishing your dreams. And it's made of awesome and win. Awesome and win.

Oh! And the special edition came with the CD single for the theme song! Now we have something to ask Shouko Nakagawa to sign at AX!

So maybe we'll get Haruka 4 tomorrow, and in the meantime, we have plenty of work and other things to occupy ourselves.

Today I'm thankful for having the first nine episodes of Gurren Lagann legally, shiny comp copies of Kamichama Karin chu (would it be harder to get people to read a sequel, I wonder?), getting Endless Waltz, the shiny that will remain sealed for now, and having an easy time figuring out our schedule for tonight.