June 19th, 2008


Little things

Lots of little things to talk about today. First, they had an anime category on Jeopardy! yesterday! How awesome is that? Unfortunately, there were three older people on Jeopardy!, and as predicted (is that generationist of us?), they put it off until there had no choice but to choose from that category. We were so worried during all of Double Jeopardy! that they'd run out of time and we wouldn't get to see all the clues, but fortunately, they were going pretty fast. And the champion did pretty well with it. They mentioned Pokemon, Akira, Transformers, Sailor Moon (!!!), and Princess Mononoke. It would be awesome if they could do more of that in the future.

We've been working on a different version of a series we translated a while back recently, and sometimes the dialogue is the same, so we use the first translation for reference. I'll be honest, we use copy and paste sometimes. Or a lot. Like most of the time (but only with the matching dialogue, duh). But sometimes we look at the old translation and we're like, "What? Who came up with this lame-o translation? I don't know, but they clearly need to work on their technique." Fortunately for the previous translation, it's really not that bad; we just like to mock ourselves sometimes. And on the other hand, sometimes we're like, "Whoa, who came up with this awesome translation? They're brilliant! Brilliant, I say!" So it evens out. And it amuses us no end, because we're conceited like that.

rurounigochan, pixiepilot, and chibidrunksanzo have a set of four-frame comics the former drew featuring Genjyo Sanzo and Duo Maxwell as roommates that they want to give to Toshihiko Seki when he comes to AX, and they needed to be translated into Japanese. We agreed to do it, but then we realized that we really don't know Duo's speech pattern because we mostly only saw the dub of Gundam Wing. True, we saw Endless Waltz subtitled most recently of everything, but that was like six years ago. So now Endless Waltz has been added to (and moved to the top of) our Netflix queue, and we'll be watching it this weekend, most likely. And now hopefully I won't get in trouble for linking without permission.

What else...? Crazy stuff happening in Suzaku Ibun, but that's game-spoilerish, so I'm not sure if it's safe to talk about. I mean, I could talk about it anyway, but if no one's playing the game but the only people who care want to and don't want spoilers, then there's really not much point, is there? But we got to read manga yesterday, and that was really nice. Not that the two things are related at all. But it was still nice.

Well, I guess I'm done rambling for now. Today I'm thankful for the convenience of being able to Netflix reference material, anime categories on Jeopardy!, microwave ovens, freezers for ice cream, and that I think we're making good progress on Suzaku Ibun.