June 10th, 2008

kid flash

You know he's king of the world! Kuzco~~~♪

Today would appear to be a day of things taking longer than expected/hoped. Oh wait, that's this whole last week. Oh well. We just keep on trucking. Er, translating. And "researching."

That being the case, I'm not sure I have much to talk about today. We turned on The Emperor's New Groove again to do a memory check on some dialogue and found out two things. First, the default setting (we didn't bother checking the first time) on Japanese Disney DVDs is English with Japanese subtitles. This is another example of how brilliant the Japanese are. And yet all the domestic DVDs of Japanese anime are set to English dub. Lame.

The second thing we realized is that the Japanese subtitles match the English dialogue a loooooot better than the Japanese dialogue does. I guess that's to be expected of dubs. There was talk when anime DVDs were still getting big about "dubtitles" and how horrendous they were. This didn't make any sense to me, because I always thought the idea was to keep both the subtitles and the dub as true to the original Japanese as possible, so even if there were inconsistencies because of lipflap problems or something, they should at least be similar. Then I saw the Saiyuki dub and realized how wrong I was. But in my idealist little world, I still think that should be the case, even if it isn't. Apparently it's not even the case in Japan, though. I wonder if the dub is where everybody figures it's okay to localize more or something.

But it's all okay! Because we found out that the Japanese dub voice of Kuzco (in the movie) also played Light Yagami in the Death Note movie. It's so hilarious and yet so fitting. Now we need to get through the anime faster so we can see the movie sooner. We really need to stop slacking on everything, but there's so much to do and only so many hours in the day! We haven't been able to read manga in days! Days! Except for the manga we just translated, but that doesn't quite count. Well, it counts differently, we'll say. Oh well; we'll get to everything eventually. In the meantime, we have some Ace Attorney research to get back to. After we do some stuff for Manga Life. (So much stuff!)

Today I'm thankful for Sara Lee chocolate cream pie, this entry not taking very long to write, laptop shipping confirmation, novel translation going quickly today (wow, a couple of things are going quickly! Yay!), amusing voice actor connections, and perseverance.