June 9th, 2008

kid flash

So much for our day off.

That book just refused to be finished! It kept going and going and saying, "Hey, you might want to look into this!" But! we persevered, and now we are done... at about the normal time we finish work. That's actually not so bad, considering we took time out to go grocery shopping. And we're all set to take the day off tomorrow! Well, sort of off, but it'll be mostly video games. The great thing about it is, if we didn't take the time off to play the games, the translation would suffer, so it actually is the better choice. It's also the better choice because when we work on Saturdays it starts to cause problems.

Aaaanyway. Yesterday was kind of crazy. We went to a fireside, which is a little unusual in itself. We usually don't go to firesides for two reasons: transportation and not wanting to stay in church clothes all day. The first one is slightly more valid. Twice (at least), we've had someone promise to pick us up for a fireside and completely forget about it. But today they started a series of firesides specifically for our ward's Relief Society that they're really excited about, so we figured we should show our support. Unfortunately, our anime buddy, whom we normally would have gotten a ride from, had something come up, so after a little bit of figuring stuff out, it was settled that the first counselor in our Relief Society would pick us up.

The fireside was kind of fun. They had a panel of married guys talk about what kind of things make up a happy marriage and therefore what kind of person we should be and look for in a spouse. It was all stuff that seemed common-sensical to us, but it was amusing at least. The important stuff is what happened on the way home. First, we found out that our RS first counselor's mission president (she only got back a few weeks ago) was our Japanese 444 professor. That was just neat to find out. We had no idea he had left the Provo area, and then he happens to be her mission president. It is a small world.

Then when we got to our apartment, she asked for our help in figuring out a plan to get the girls in our ward to stop talking during the hymns in Relief Society. That was something that's been getting on every one of my nerves for weeks and weeks now, and even yesterday it was to the point where it sounded like some girls were trying to talk over the hymns (that we were all supposed to be singing), as if they were background music that had been turned up a little too loud. But now a member of the RS presidency is on our side! Woohoo! *is very excited*

After the fireside, we watched The Emperor's New Groove--in Japanese! Mwahahahahahahaha! It was a very interesting experience that once again proved my point that no matter how awesome the Japanese are, movies and the like are always better in their original language. It was still very good though. Hisako Kyouda (Taiitsu-kun in Fushigi Yuugi, Zirconia in SailorMoon SuperS, Kaede in Inuyasha) is fantastic as Yzma. Like whoa. And the voice she uses is so cute! (Maybe that's just in comparison to the voice we normally hear her use.) We were kind of sad about Kronk, though. They made him sound like he's actually just dumb. He's supposed to be a guy that seems stupid, but only because he's living in a different plain than the rest of us. I think the Japanese word for that is tennen, and the fact that they have a word for it means they should have caught on to it, but sadly, they didn't. I really like Kenyu Horiuchi's angel voice, though.

It was interesting to see how they handled all the jokes. Some of them seemed to just get lost in translation, but I wonder if there were some that would be a lot funnier to a Japanese person. Sometimes they changed the jokes so they still worked pretty well. We liked Kuzco's explanation of "fired," for example, which would be a little hard to explain in English. There were some places where I think there were adlibs in the American script that of course were funnier because that's how adlibs work, that didn't get into the script the translator got. For example, the "scary beyond all reason" line was just "shiwa shiwa (super-wrinkled)" in Japanese. It makes me wonder if the reason the Genie and Stitch seem to be the most popular Disney characters in Japan is that they were both dubbed by Kouichi Yamadera, who is hilarious, and would have had hilarious adlibs. Or at least we assume he's hilarious; we actually haven't heard a lot of his work. At least not in a long time. He was pretty funny in that thing we saw on TV in Japan with Ships. And he was really good as the Genie when we saw that show at Disneysea. Maybe one of these days we'll see about getting Aladdin and/or Lilo & Stitch in Japanese.

Today I'm thankful for finally finishing that book, getting to take a pseudo-vacation tomorrow, having a team to work out this hymn problem, dark chocolate kit-kat, and getting to go grocery shopping today.