June 7th, 2008

kid flash

That was unexpected.

This morning we got a phone call. We didn't trust it because the only people who call us these days tend to be asking for donations (except for the one guy who called Futago Translations asking if we were hiring interpreters; I hope he can find a job). Not that we don't like making donations--just that we only have so much money, and we are (at least) a little selfish. Sometimes Mom calls, but she's up in Washington this weekend for a funeral. Little did I remember that Mom being abroad is when she tends to call us the most. After the phone rang six times, I picked it up, and she said, "Hey. Have you heard of Aria?"

This was a bit of a surprise, because I have heard of Aria, but it falls into the category of things Mom would never ask about, because it's manga. I think it would have been less surprising if she had asked about Aqua (its prequel), because that one is directly linked to us. But another thing we keep forgetting is that when they're abroad is when they meet people and their kids, who are often into manga. One of these days they'll realize that it's bigger than they think. Apparently Steve's step-nieces? I guess? are into manga, and Aria, Fruits Basket, and... was it Yu Yu Hakusho? were their three favorites. Of course Fruits Basket is one of their three favorites; that or Naruto is one of the top three of anybody who's into anime and/or manga. We're really blessed to be able to translate it.

I think I was going somewhere with that, but I can't remember, because we've been working ever since. We decided to make today a work day and take Monday off instead, because we want to get this translation done before we take time off to do Ace Attorney research, but it's taking longer than expected. If only the deadlines would move back with our estimated completion time. Oh well.

We still have more work to do. Today I'm thankful for the prospect of taking time off to do Ace Attorney research, Chain of Memories PS2 version having a theater so you can re-watch all the scenes without playing through it again (not that that would be a problem, but sometimes you just want to watch a scene right now, without having to play halfway through the game), them being just about done with the roof in our area (if not completely done), milk, and finishing this entry quickly so we have a little bit more time to work on this translation.