June 5th, 2008


On hold shiny

The Costa Mesa Kinokuniya is officially my favorite. Our new manga came yesterday, and the package was wrapped in adorable Kinokuniya bear wrapping paper. Of course, it was probably wrapped like that because the box was recycled, but recycling is awesome, too. Actually, we always get recycled boxes from Kinokuniya. One time we got one that used to be for erasers shaped like food. It was really cute. And so we opened the package and looked at the shiny manga, and then carefully put all the shiny manga back in the box because we don't have time to read manga are you crazy? But we will get to it eventually. Ohhh, eventually.

We will also get to the new Fushigi Yuugi game eventually. We did exactly the same thing with that that we did with the new manga. It's kind of weird, this game, because first we have to finish Chain of Memories. So on the one hand, we're playing Chain of Memories, which is Awesome, but on the other hand, the shininess of being new usually surpasses the shininess of Awesome for a while. Until you play with the new stuff, and the shininess of being new wears off. But we're listening to our Host Club CD, and Miyano-kun is singing, and I'm like, "Oh yeah, he's the new Tamahome!" But he's also Riku, which is the reason we love him to begin with. So I'm all kinds of torn.

But! according to his blog, he bought the single of the FY game theme song. We really wonder what the cashier thought of that, because he's totally on the cover. We just imagine a cashier looking from the CD to the purchaser, and being like, "Is it him? If it is him, would it be okay to ask for his autograph? And what is he doing buying the CD anyway? Wouldn't he get a free copy or four?" And then how would that reaction have been affected by the gender of the cashier? Mystery...

Today I'm thankful for adorable bear wrapping paper, having all the books we need, getting to watch the roofers work on the part of the building across from us (it's neat!), having things shipped by companies other than UPS so the guy can get a break from coming to our apartment (I think he's come by the last three days in a row...), and now having time to see if we can take advantage of that Right Stuf sale.