May 28th, 2008


Hidden Kingdom Hearts

The sounds from the roof can sometimes be very strange. It sounds like a hammer is running across the roof and pounding nails (or something) on its way. Sometimes it sounds like our complex is a giant dresser and the drawer above our apartment is jammed and they're trying to get it unjammed. The imagination runs wild.

Anyway, I keep forgetting to mention that TokyoPop's Pilot Program thingie has started. I have no idea what all the details are, but what's important is that now you can read The Hidden, the manga parkcooper and his wife are writing! Everybody go check it out and give it a high rating!

Also, thanks to everyone who answered our poll! I was a little surprised that yellow seems to be winning out, but maybe that's because we had a friend in high school who hated yellow with a passion. So I hope that the people who voted for yellow don't hate yellow *grin* (We don't hate any colors; that's why we had to have a poll.)

Right. Chain of Memories. The PS2 version is pretty amazing. It's wild, because it used to be in 2-D, and now it's in 3! Whoooooaaaaa. And the animation is really pretty, especially the faces. What really amazes me is how much the lips synch. I guess that's because this time all the dialogue is in Japanese, which is another crazy thing, after playing the games in English so much. I mean, we were obsessed with Haley Joel Osment because of these games, and now that we get to hear Miyu Irino (who also played Haku in Spirited Away, incidentally), it's a little like, "Haley Joel who?" But that's only because it's been a while since we've played Kingdom Hearts in English, either.

It's funny, because all the original characters and characters and Cloud sound soooo much better in Japanese, but for the most part the Disney characters sound better in English. It's all about whatever language it was in originally. We were a little disappointed to find out that none of the scenes have recorded dialogue on each floor, only between the floors. So we didn't get to hear the Japanese voices of Squall or Alice or Hercules or anyone. We do get to hear everyone who shows up in battle, so that covers everyone you fight, and everyone you can use as a friend or magic card. Hades sounded like all the guys James Woods described as auditioning before him to get the part. Maybe he sounds better with dialogue.

But speaking of friend cards! There are some new sleights that are Awesome. Like Wild Crusher (or maybe it's Crasher), where you summon Donald and Goofy, and then Sora and Donald use Goofy as a battering ram and ram through everybody on the field. What can you call that but Awesome? (Athena says they might have that one in the GameBoy version; she doesn't know, but it's way better in 3-D anyway.) And! you can do reaction commands during sleights! As if there wasn't enough to concentrate on.

Today I'm thankful for imagination, getting to hear Axel in Japanese, discovering that the danger of falling debris is not in fact enough to deter the UPS guy (but we're still waiting for books), getting more shipping confirmations, and Hershey's Bliss thingie things.