May 26th, 2008


A far off weekend.

We were thinking of posting about how annoyed we are at having to translate manga previews that probably aren't even going to be used, and how nice it would be if we could charge a little spoiler tax, but I'm satisfied with just mentioning it, and now we'll move on to happier things.

We had kind of a Haruka weekend this weekend, which could sound like we had a faraway weekend, if you know Japanese, or like we watched a lot of Sailor Moon S or something else with a character named Haruka, but it really means we did a lot of stuff involving Haruka Thing with the Long Title (known to most normal people as either "Harukanaru Toki no Nakade" or "Haruka: Beyond the Stream of Time"). There was a lot of playing Haruka3, which involved us finally realizing that oh hey, if we're stuck, maybe something in Nozomi's notes will help us figure out what to do next. And then we finally got Atsumori's ending the next day, and, as we were looking at all the pretty stills, I decided that I do not appreciate the discrimination. I also think that one of Atsumori's stills doesn't count, which is even more unfair.

We also watched DVD 2 of the anime, since it showed up in the mail on Saturday. Everything from .Anime comes with these weird thingies that are like... blush applicators or something. They're round and hollow and flat, and have a bunch of brush bristles on one side. (Maybe we should just take a picture. Nah.) Are they for brushing dust off the shiny DVDs or something? It's a mystery...

And yesterday we watched Haruka thingie thing Maihitoyo Stage. We got the DVD last Monday and saw on the case that it was more than three hours long, so we decided to save it for Sunday, especially because we had some Indiana Jones watching to do. I'm tired of doing LJ cuts, so long story short, live-action Tenma is the best, and we were super super happy to find out he's actually older than we are. And live-action Shimon is super adorable (and actually likes it that way!), and we wanted to go to his blog and ask him to be our friend. But when we got there, there were so many other comments that we got kind of intimidated and ran away. Lame. We need to start writing fan letters. But we want nice stationery to do it with, and we're having a hard time getting any. I wonder if we proclaimed ourselves stationery collectors if people would just start buying it for us...

Today, despite being a long weekend, is probably not going to be a Haruka day. While we are eager to get more shiny stills from the Haruka games, Athena is also eager to start beating stuff up, and that means Kingdom Hearts.

Today I'm thankful for shiny extras, Seijiro Nakamura being older than us, not being at work too long today despite sleeping in a little, manga that doesn't have previews at the end, and having more light in our room thanks to tree trimming.
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