May 22nd, 2008


Da da-da-DAH! Da da-DAAAAH! Da da-da-DAAAAAH! Da da-da da DAAAH!

Today at seven, our stake's having a meeting for Relief Society choristers and pianists. As the RS pianist of our ward, of course I've been invited, and I really want to go, because it might have some pointers on how to help our ward's Relief Society realize that the hymns are for worshiping, not for talking to our neighbors (seriously, is it so urgent you can't wait three minutes for the meeting to be officially over?). Also today at seven, Athena has an appointment to finally visit teach her visiting taught who is nigh impossible to catch, even with an appointment.

What none of these people seem to realize, however, is that Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is out today. Or maybe they realized that, if we wanted to see it that quickly that badly, we would have gone to the midnight showing last night, or we would have gone earlier today. That's what we get for not being able to drive. But it will be fun to go with Sarah, so it's all good. And we really don't mind the other stuff; we just think it's ironic that the one time we have plans is the one time we have millions of plans. Well, when it rains, it pours.

So last night, we watched The Last Crusade so we would be all ready when we got to see Crystal Skull, since we watched Temple of Doom on Monday and Raiders on Saturday. And what I discovered was that, despite all its crazy heart removal thingies, Temple of Doom is actually my favorite so far. We both like Willie a lot better than Marion, even though they've actually got a lot of similarities.

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So anyway, that's our defense of Willie Scott. But other than that, Temple of Doom seems to have the best ratio of character interaction to action action, as far as what keeps our attention the best. And it has Short Round, the cutest little boy of all time♥

Today I'm thankful for plans to see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull tonight, Short Round♥, the guy who plays Rene Bellach being Ivan Ooze in the Power Rangers movie, Miss Piggy, and the clip thingie that came with our emergency ration butter cookies.