May 21st, 2008


Back to life again

Whew, we're finally recovered after our last post, which really means that we've finished with work. Happily, we still managed to finish early, despite a radical decrease in ability to focus after that last post. We found out that Toshihiko Seki was coming to AX when we went to the forums and saw a thread called "Toshihiko Seki." The post was made before the official announcement was posted at the forums, but whether it was there when we got to the forums or not, we didn't see it. We saw the other, unofficial thread. I thought it might just be somebody saying, "Hey, they should get this guy!" again, but there was only one post. It had a little bio of Seki-san, a smiley, and an exclamation point. And it was made by a staffer. So we were like, "Does this mean he's coming? Does this mean he's coming!? DOES THIS MEAN HE'S COMING!?"

Athena managed to keep her head enough to say, "Let's check Anime News Network." (Sometimes they get the announcements before the AX page does.) So we did, and there it was. And then brain function ceased. Proper brain function anyway. After we posted on LJ, we tried to get back to work and realized that we couldn't focus at all. So we got juice instead, and then we went back to work.

But this is crazy awesome! He's probably our favoritest seiyuu they've gotten so far. We actually already own stuff we want him to sign! And the best part is we already have costumes from our favorite things he's in! This is extremely happy, because we like to dress up for our favorite guests, and we're so super super busy that I don't know if I'll have time to make new costumes. So much yayness.

Also, the heat wave went away today, we finished another translation, and this should be the last day spending an hour writing about our trip to Japan. Not that I mind writing trip reports, just that this one's been going on for twice as long as the trip itself, and with us working like crazy enough as it is, it'll be nice to have a little bit more free time on weekdays.

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And then we made it home, and you all know the rest. Tadah!

Wow, that ended up being kind of long. Ah well. Today I'm thankful for TOSHIHIKO SEKI IS COMING TO ANIME EXPO, already having Saiyuki and Gundam Seed costumes, making it home safely despite misadventures (I took a picture of the highway while we were waiting for him to fix the tire!), takenoko no sato and kinoko no yama, and the idea that pizza Pringles still exist somewhere.