May 14th, 2008



So we've finally made it to the second day of our trip. This was a very exciting day for us. When we were at college majoring in Japanese, by the time we got to the higher levels, all our classmates had been to Japan, and most of them had been to Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disneysea. The general consensus seemed to be that Tokyo Disneyland was kinda lame. The only thing that would make me consider agreeing with this is that there is a lot of pointless walking. We've got almost all the same attractions at our Disneyland and only half the walking at most. Well, and Pirates and Small World are shorter, but Pirates isn't much shorter and most people seem to heartily dislike Small World anyway.

The other consensus seemed to be that Disneysea is Awesome. Collapse )

I think I got a little carried away in that report. Ah well. Anyway, thanks to all that, we've decided to use our stimulus checks to help pay for a trip to see The Little Mermaid on Broadway. We'll see what our finances are looking like.

Today I'm thankful for exceedingly awesome Little Mermaid shows, getting to visit King Triton's kingdom, the Mysterious Island, finally being able to see what everyone was raving about, and getting plenty of exercise.