May 12th, 2008


A Zip-a-dee-doo-dah day

Today we finally got back into the full swing of things. Well, sort of. We had to put stuff in the mail first, and that usually throws things off a little bit. But today was the first day we set the alarm clock and therefore got up before eleven (except for Sunday, of course, but that's not a work day, so it doesn't count). I think we're managing pretty well so far, but it does feel like we've been working for a loooooong time. Oh well; we'll get used to it again. Besides, it's really more like a looong time, since we finished the one thing sooner than expected.

But anyway, Collapse )

And I just got a call from our Relief Society President, who's going to be here in about half an hour to take us to Family Home Evening, and since we're still in pajamas, I think I'd better break it off here. Wow, still not out of Disneyland. I'm almost done, I promise!

Today I'm thankful for awesome kigurumi characters, maple churros (I miss them soooooo much), pictures with Br'er Fox, having a ride to FHE (they're calling it FHE Quest, and not telling us what it is; I hope it lives up to the automatic hype that comes with secrecy), and French Toast Crunch.
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