May 9th, 2008


We we-ent to Disneyla-and, we-ent to Disneyla-a-and♪

Before I get back to the report, I have a tale of woe to relate. It happened last night. We knew we were getting close to the end of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates, so we decided we'd try to beat it before the Daily Show. We had a really hard time with what we think is the last boss, because after you drain all his HP you have to do something within a certain time limit or he'll revive completely, and we couldn't figure out what the something was. We finally did, and he was dead and everything... and the phone rang. Athena hurries to press start in an attempt to pause it, but instead, she skipped a scene! Aaaaaaaaahhhh! So we turned it off and didn't have time to try again before the Daily Show, alas. The moral of the story is be careful when calling people at 11:45 at night, because they might be at a very dramatic scene in a video game. Or something. Eheh.

Anyway, Collapse )

And since I've been typing this for a loooooong time, I figure there's probably enough reading material to last a while, and perhaps everyone would like a break. So more Disneyland adventures later.

Today I'm thankful for popcorn variety, Mickey's Super Duper Jumpin' Time (they sold keychains and stuff of the puppets Mickey, Minnie and Donald were using, but we didn't buy any; we really are terrible at buying souvenirs), Tokyo Disneyland still having some of the happy memories that no longer exist in Anaheim, adorable puppet shows, and having milk.