April 23rd, 2008


We have done it!

Sort of. We've finished the last translation! But we haven't turned it in yet, and if we don't turn it in, it won't do anybody any good.

We were hoping to finish it a lot sooner, but we took time out to run errands. Yay errands! Or rather, yay having run errands! And not having to run them anymore! We have quarters now! We can do laundry! And that means we can have laundry done! Being done with chores really is the best part of doing them.

It's kind of funny how the closer we get to going to Japan, the more freaked out and the less freaked out I get at the same time. I definitely think getting all our pre-Japan errands and chores taken care of is helping. We have new jeans now! I'm still worried that they won't fit the way they're supposed to to look "cool," but at least we have them.

I don't know that I have much else to talk about, except for Tower of Druaga of course. What can I say to get people interested in watching it? I don't know what gets people interested in watching stuff. I'm afraid if I say something I think will get people interested, it will actually make them think, "Oh. Pass." I don't trust summaries, either. We just got one in the ImaginAsian newsletter about a movie with evil hair extensions, and it's impossible to tell if it's a B movie, or a parody, or maybe an actually scary horror movie or what.

There's another anime that Gonzo is distributing over the net, called... let me check... Blassreiter. That's it. We meant to check it out back when we started watching Druaga, but that was before we had an account with BOST TV, and we spent that time signing up for an account instead of looking for the YouTube link or anything. So we've only seen the beginning of the first episode, and all we know is that a naked dead lady started attacking people. And there was something about a car race? Or was it motorcycles? And all the promotional art seems to have some kind of mecha on it, so I'm kind of confused, but not really because I've seen enough anime to know that all that stuff can be put together in a way that would make sense if I'd seen it. And that's why I don't trust summaries.

At some point today, Manga Life should be updated with our column, as well as an old thing we typed up about how to get into the manga translating business. We really ought to see what we can do about typing up more features--like maybe something about Pretear or Candidate for Goddess. Or Lagoon Engine. umadoshi linked a couple of NY Comic Con articles that talked about people not finding out about good titles that are out there. We need to spread awareness somehow.

And that's enough rambling for now. Today I'm thankful for having finished most of our errands, cinnamon donuts, having quarters, being just about done with our mountain of pre-Japan deadlines, and having new jeans.