April 22nd, 2008

kid flash

So close!

Suddenly we're a lot farther behind schedule than we were. Well, more like being back to being on schedule, but we were supposed to be ahead! We need to go through and fix up this one translation, and then we just need to turn everything in and we'll have all our work done before going to Japan. Except that we still need to work on Big Project, but we're pacing ourselves at an hour a day on that one. But we can't finish the last project until we do some more research, so we decided to stop early for the day, and then we got sidetracked and so much for that extra time. Oh well.

And I don't even know that I had anything to talk about today. Except that I forgot to mention Tower of Druaga yesterday. So yes, Tower of Druaga! Watch it and support legal anime downloads!

We're making a list of things we need to obtain before we leave for Japan. It's kind of random, but not so much if you think about it. Like jeans and batteries and socks. And a coin purse. baranoneko just advised to get one, and from what we know of Japanese currency (due in part to Gals!), we know she's right. We're also thinking we'll need a packing list, and we know we'll need a list of phone numbers to carry around. Oh! And I can't forget the souvenir memo, of course. It's enough to make me wonder if we need a list of necessary lists. We're usually good at remembering stuff, but when it comes to big adventures, you can't be too careful.

Today I'm thankful for being almost done with the mountain of work, still having time to do research before Jeopardy!, coin purses, helpful people and helpful websites, and kitties who seem anxious to spend time with us while we do our research.