April 21st, 2008


Manga announcements!

I usually don't announce when manga we're working on has been announced, for one main reason. We usually don't know. But we happened to check Anime News Network this weekend and discovered that two titles that have been filling a lot of our time recently have been announced, so I figured why not talk about them?

The first is Nabari no Ou. It's a series about ninja and stuff, so now you all know why we needed that book on ninjutsu a while back (I don't know if anybody remembers that, but you still know why). We're liking all the characters a lot, although we're having a hard time imagining a guy who's part Irish and part Japanese but doesn't drink. Too many jokes about drinking Irishmen I guess. But he is the best anyway (especially, in our opinions, because he doesn't drink). We're very sad that the anime only just started, because we're dying to hear all the voices before we look them up, but we don't want to download it. We'll have to check when it's on when we're in Japan. If it's on Monday nights we're in trouble.

And the second is Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. Yes, that's right. We're translating the Higurashi manga. We've seen the anime, so we know how scary it can be, and we were scared to take it on, but we wanted to anyway. I've been telling people that that's part of why we've been freaking out even more about Japan, but thinking about it, the series doesn't usually have us very freaked out, except for sometimes when we have to stare at the pictures. It just happened to be freaking us out a little more yesterday because a girl at church told a story about something that happened on her mission that involved evil spirits, so thinking of that plus Higurashi and the fact that it takes place in the country we're going to had us a little worried. (Incidentally, the girl was in South America somewhere.) But her story had a happy ending involving getting Priesthood blessings, so we decided to call our home teachers and make sure we each get one before we leave, and now we're feeling much better.

And then we watched the Care Bears movie last night, which I thought might not help since there's more stuff with evil spirits (I know it's Care Bears, but that movie really scared us when we were three!), but we were fine. Although the song about Care-a-lot does make me squirm sometimes. And now it's stuck in my head. Oops.

And now, there's something very important we've been meaning to say but kept forgetting, and that's this: If anybody wants us to pick something up for them while we're in Japan, let us know! We're currently planning on leaving Sunday night or afternoon, so you should probably let us know before then. The hotel website says there's a business room (or something, I don't really remember) with computers, but we can't make any guarantees. So if there's anything, let us know before Sunday!

Today I'm thankful for getting to translate two awesome new titles, Priesthood blessings, Super Gals! (the Care Bears movie didn't make things worse, but it did make us want to watch something a little more high-tension), finding out when we can talk about stuff, and "shiny moon" effectively removing the Care-a-lot song from my head.