April 20th, 2008


A bit too frazzled to think of a subject line

I forgot to talk about Midori Days yesterday! We Netflixed it and watched it on Friday night, and it was awesome. We actually first saw it when it started in Japan a long time ago, but it got licensed about halfway through. We wondered what you had to be on to come up with an idea like the premise of Midori Days, but after thinking about the fourth episode, it actually doesn't seem all that bizarre. It was neat to remember, now that we're a lot more familiar with Corda, that the main guy is played by the voice of Tsukimori and the girl that has a crush on him but acts like she hates him is played by the voice of Kahoko. And! they would play violin music in the background during some of their scenes together.

The music was done by Yoshihisa Hirano, who also did Haruka and Host Club! (And Death Note! ...I'm pretty sure, but too lazy to check for sure) Somehow all the anime we like seems to have music by the same composers. Or maybe there just aren't that many anime composers.

Iiiin other news... let's see... We went shopping last night and got cute clothes. It was confirmed that we can actually be quite cute when we try. Yay! We're getting very excited, but still freaked out, because with new adventures it's almost impossible not to be freaked out. We were way freaked out our first three or four AXes. And they didn't involve ten-hour flights or being in foreign countries! But I just think about Japanese Jungle Cruise and it makes me feel better.

We're still not sure exactly how things are going to play out as far as getting to the airport. Steve's mom is coming into town next weekend, and Mom wants us to join them for dinner. If that dinner ends up being on Sunday, that could make things very interesting, since we were planning to drive down to LAX Sunday night. I don't really like the idea of traveling on Sunday, but since we'll be imposing on our former home teacher for a ride, it's not very nice to make him get up at three to make sure we get there on time.

One thing I super want to do in Japan is see if we can record an episode or two of anime from each day we're there and have a Japan Trip Commemorative Anime Video. But I don't know if we can record things in the hotel. It seems unlikely. But at least we'll get to see new stuff, which is very exciting.

Today I'm thankful for having cute new clothes, not having to shop for cute new clothes anymore (although we do still need jeans, which could be even more annoying), very helpful penpals, titles that we're working on being announced (more details tomorrow maybe), and helpful tips from people who have traveled to Japan.