April 19th, 2008


Haruka and Saiyuki

It's time for another reminder to watch Tower of Druaga! They're already up to three episodes! Wao!

This afternoon I said to Athena, "Oh, I wanted to track our package!" in the tone of voice that adds, "But I forgot!" We got shipping confirmation from dot-anime the other day that our copy of Haruka: Beyond the Stream of Time had shipped, but we didn't track it as closely as we usually track our packages because... actually come to think of it, we don't track our domestic DVD packages very closely, but also because whenever we checked the progress on the animation cels we ordered, they had never moved. So I was planning to try to remember to check when we were done with our after-lunch chores.

Then Athena came back from getting the mail and said, "You don't need to track our package. I found it." Because tadah! it's already here! Three days before the official release date! Woohoo! And our Relief Society president, who comes over to watch Princess Tutu, has already expressed an interest in the Haruka games, so we might have somebody to watch it with! Even more woohoo!

Speaking of HaruToki (I still can't bring myself to always call it Haruka for some reason), we had forgotten to check the rankings at Animate on Thursday morning, so we decided that could be an interesting thing to do in the face of quiet LJ friends listness. So on Thursday night, we headed on over to the Animate news page to discover that shockingly! they had announced the cast for the Saiyuki Musical! How is this related to HaruToki, you ask? The kid who played Inori in Maihitoyo Stage is Goku! This is kind of weird for me, because Eisen has always been a favorite Hachiyo of mine, and, before I knew how cute and adorable he is, I liked him mostly because he was played by Goku from Saiyuki. And now Inori is Goku. It feels kind of off. But I'm sure he'll do a great job. We went to the actor's blog later and he seemed really excited about finally being able to tell everyone he's Goku.

And the guy who'll be Hakkai was the red ranger in the Japanese version of what became Power Rangers: SPD! It's an all male cast, so Yaone and Lirin aren't in it, and it really makes me wonder how they're going to handle Kanzeon Bosatsu costume-wise.

And so that of course has strengthened our resolve to go back to Japan when the show opens, but it happens to open the day after Celeste's birthday, so we might not get to see it on opening night. Though come to think of it, closing night might be better... except for the fact that it's a Sunday. Oh well, we'll figure it out. Y'know, if we end up going.

And the guy who'll be Hakkai was the red ranger in the Japanese version of what became Power Rangers: SPD!

In other random news, Kazuya Minekura posted a quiz she took on what your yakuza level is, so I took it and got 23%, which apparently makes me a hitman!

Today I'm thankful for speedy shipping, food with no onions or walnuts, there being a bakery at the hotel we'll be staying at in Japan (picky though we may be, if there are baked goods, we can probably eat something), the Care Bears movie being free On Demand, and Midori Days.