April 17th, 2008


The results are in!

Has everyone seen Tower of Druaga yet? *nudgenudge*

Well, it's finally time to announce the results of that meme from the other day. I decided to go ahead and do it in a new post instead of editing it so that people wouldn't have to go back and find it. I'll go respond to the comments individually when I'm done posting here.

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And the winner is... baranoneko with eleven points!!! phoenix_melody came super close with ten, and chibidrunksanzo had nine! Thanks for playing everyone!!

In other news, two days ago I realized that one of my biggest fears is of papercuts. I cut a really nasty one from a cardboard box that used to hold butter. At least I assume is was nasty, because it hurt a lot. I realized I had a papercut and was so freaked out by it (and the fact that paper had cut me enough to bleed) that I only saw it very briefly before I hid it under a bandaid. The end.

Today I'm thankful for awesome anime characters, skin, home teachers bearing gifts, being down to one translation to finish before Japan, and little sisters with fashion sense who are willing to share their knowledge instead of mocking our lack of it.