April 16th, 2008


A weight off our shoulders

I think I'll give the guessing for this meme one more day before I go ahead and reveal the answers. In the meantime, remember to go watch Tower of Druaga. Whether or not you like it, it's free, so what could it hurt? Also, Takahiro Sakurai's character uses an attack called Sonic Arrow (something I forgot to mention when I reviewed it), which is awesome because it's just like back when he was the Sound Leafe Knight!

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And now everything is happier. All the stress about deadlines--gone. It's crazy. You take care of one thing, and suddenly everything else seems a lot more doable. The moral of the story--if there's one big thing stressing you out like crazy, take care of it, duh. Of course, the lessening of the work stress probably has a little to do with the one translation going a lot faster than planned, which was especially helpful because the book was also a lot longer than planned. But yes! Now instead of being like, "We're going to Japan and we have no hotel! We'll have to wander the streets and not get any sleep!" we're like, "Eeeee! Japan!! Tokyo Disneyland! Jungle Cruise in Japanese!!!!" It's a nice feeling.

Today I'm thankful for having hotel reservations for a very pretty hotel, the Wells Fargo preferred customer helpfulness, travel agencies, the helpful idea that people who are paid to help me over the phone won't be annoyed at having to help me, and Yokoso! Japan.