April 11th, 2008



Wow, time flies. Almost seven already? Let's see if I can finish this before Jeopardy!.

So last night, we were checking our e-mail like usual, and, like usual, there was a newsletter from RightStuf. Normally we skip all their newsy things and go right to the list of things that are on sale, but to skip them, we have to scroll past them, and occasionally things will catch our eye. This time, there was a little bit about some translators talking about Ayame Sohma. And we were like, "Huh. What a coincidence--we just did a column like that." And then we looked at it more clearly, and realized that they were talking about us! Whoa!!!

Actually, it didn't really happen like that. It was more like, "Translators talking about Ayame...? Wait that's us!!!" And then I thought how funny it would have been if it happened the first way I wrote it, so that's how I wrote it, but I guess it's kind of funny both ways.

Anyway, RightStuf linked our column! (I guess I should provide the link again, in case some of the people on our friends list missed it the first time.) That's like whoa. Come to think of it, it's like whoa that Del Rey linked our column, but as far as we know, we don't know anyone at RightStuf, so it seems a little less likely for someone to care. I wonder if RightStuf got the link from Del Rey. But this is so exciting! Now even more people can read our column!

...and that's actually a little terrifying. But Awesome, so we'll ignore the terrifying part. I am a little worried now that all the columns from here on will suddenly be super boring and we'll disappoint people, but I really don't have time to worry about stuff like that, so it's not bothering me too much. Yet. And of course we'll make sure to put forth enough effort that it at least only gradually gets boring.

We wanted to make a blushing icon to use for this entry, but the one we tried to make (taking a sprite of Pearl from the character sheet at Court-Records.net and putting it on the background of Phoenix's office) kept turning all blurry when we tried to resize it. One of these days maybe we'll invest in Photoshop, but in the meantime, we are blushing-icon-less. We also need a "you're awesome" type icon. But we don't have time to worry about that for a while.

Today I'm thankful for people reading our column (umadoshi was kind enough to link it, too! we still need to comment there...), it being the weekend again, having Cheetos Puffs, Court-Records.net, and Jeopardy!.