April 8th, 2008


Good day

We got up a half hour earlier today than usual! Take that! So that might be why the panicking has receded, since we had that much more time to work. Of course, we got started later than we would have normally because we had to put stuff in the mail, and as far as getting things done before going to Japan, we probably would have finished everything we could today anyway. But we had extra time to work on Big Project, and that is a Very Good Thing.

We've been listening to the song Bad Day kind of a lot lately with our Alvin and the Chipmunks obsession. I never really paid much attention to the lyrics because we never listened to it before Alvin and the Chipmunks, and after we downloaded it, we'd distract ourselves with the internet while it was playing (because it sometimes doesn't feel right to just sit and listen to music without doing anything else). But just recently I caught the line "you play a sad song just to turn it around." That seems pretty silly to me, because, as everyone knows, music affects your mood. So if you're feeling bad, and you listen to a sad song, that would only make you feel more bad. Or maybe bad in a different way, if you were angry and then became sad, so maybe that would turn it around, but not very far. I can understand that happy music would clash with your mood if you're feeling bad, so you might not want to play something really hyper (unless you're weird like us), but I still think that playing a sad song would do the opposite of "turning it around."

In other ramblement, I've kept meaning to talk about Hoshi wa Utau, because I read volume one a while back and thought it was awesome, but I kept forgetting because by the time Athena read it, it wasn't fresh on my mind anymore.

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I think that covers it, except to say that we will be very very very sad if we don't get to translate this series.

But speaking of cats in the Chinese Zodiac, Clay mentioned something when we were talking about leap year. He says Japan used a combination solar/lunar calendar until 1873, so every three years they had thirteen months in a year. The Juunishi represented not only years, but months (and even hours), so I wonder if the cat would have fit in there as like an honorary member? Anyway, it does make things tricky when trying to remember the birthdays of characters from like HaruToki or Shounen Onmyouji, what with them using a different calendar and all.

Today I'm thankful for the panic ebbing, new Japanese trivia, stars, happy songs, and getting up early.