April 7th, 2008



So stress. Today is one of those days where we just feel stressed. And I think there are things we need to do to get rid of the stress, but I'm afraid that by the time we do them the stress will have decided it likes it here and won't go away. I think part of that is from the compartmentalizing, where we choose not to think about the stressful things because we've got other stuff to do, and then, since we're not thinking about the source of the stress, it feels like the stress is there for no reason. And then we finish working and we're like, "Oh yeah, there is a reason for the stress." And then we get scared and go hide.

But not today! Because today we have an idea of how much money we'll be able to spend in Japan, the lack of which knowledge was the one thing holding us back from making all our other Japan arrangements. We still can't work on a lot of the translation stuff, though, sadly. But I'm sure it will work out.

Also, it's just about official that we're doing Big Project now, which is scary, but somehow (a little) less so now that the uncertainty factor is gone.

I feel like I had other things to talk about, but I can't remember what they were. I just had a random encounter with some people who came to our apartment because they got the wrong address, but there's not a whole lot else to talk about on that, except that I'm sad it wasn't a delivery guy with a package instead. Ah well.

So I guess I'm going to stop forcing myself to come up with things to talk about and go take care of more of the stress-causing issues. But we're happy that people seem to have come back to life on our friends list today!

Today I'm thankful for having stuff to read on our friends list today, being able to start alleviating the stress, lots of work giving us a chance to listen to lots of music, having chocolate covered pretzels to eat when we're done feeling too rushed to enjoy them, and Aladdin friend cards.