April 1st, 2008


Maybe we need Amiboshi and Suboshi icons...

Wow, there's so little activity on our friends list, we're beginning to wonder if everybody really has left LJ. Maybe we're just all posting at the same time, and by the time I'm done, there'll be a ton of entries to read.

Anyway, the Fushigi Yuugi Suzaku Ibun site had been messing with us for the past couple of days by telling us there was new stuff up in the characters section, but not actually having any new stuff there. We'd gotten to the point where we decided to just ignore it, but we didn't have much else to do last night (seriously, where is everybody?), so we checked it anyway, and they finally announced the Seiryuu cast! Yay! And we are very happy with the choices! Well, actually, we mostly only cared about Amiboshi and Suboshi, and we're a little disappointed that they weren't progressive enough to have them played by two different guys, but we are very very very happy with the casting anyway!

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In other news, there aren't enough hours in the day (as usual). Fortunately, translating is going very well, but things keep popping up that we want to do. Like make brownies (you know we still haven't done that?), and play Neo Angelique, and play Corda, and play Final Fantasy XI, and have a Fushigi Yuugi marathon, and fulfill all our responsibilities like work and columns and stuff. And Clay was super nice and sent me a DS game called Houkago Shounen that we want to play, too. It's a neat game that takes place in Japan in like 1975, and all the minigames are old school games like jumping on a pogo stick and racing car erasers and stuff. We haven't really gotten far enough to know much about the story yet, though. And we need to come up with a thank you gift or something for Clay. Hmmm...

And it's looking like we need to walk to the grocery store soon. We don't have time to walk anywhere! Argh! But at least it'll be a good opportunity to build up some stamina, which we'll need in Japan. Man, I need to stop writing this so we can go do all the other stuff. Aaaaah, and we haven't finished translating Bus Gamer yet!!!

Today I'm thankful for presents from penpals, Kakihara-kun being in Fushigi Yuugi, time management abilities, the really pretty April picture on our calendar, and bunnies with cookies.