March 26th, 2008


Tamahome? Is that you?

We got a strange e-mail from CD Japan today, telling us that a certain CD single is now available for pre-order. The strange thing was that it was for the theme song to a game called Fushigi Yuugi: Suzaku Ibun, and it was our Mamoru Miyano♥ artist newsmail.

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And that's it for our Fushigi Yuugi seiyuu ramblings, which are actually surprisingly brief. We may have to go have a marathon soon.

In other news, we both recently finished Host Club 11 and, man, we can't wait for 12 to come out. My goodness. We also finished Hoshi wa Utau 1 (the new thing by Natsuki Takaya), and I have some stuff to say about that, but I don't like having too many cuts per entry, so it will have to wait.

Today I'm thankful for interesting new Fushigi Yuugi developments, peanut butter filled chocolate penguins, new songs sung by Mamoru Miyano♥, Fushigi Yuugi DVDs, and Superkitties! Whoosh!