March 24th, 2008



As if I didn't already have plenty to write about today, there's actually a review for something we translated at today. We've never been the types to dispute our grades, but this one... The review was of My Heavenly Hockey Club 3, and the review was pretty positive. In fact, the reviewer only had one complaint. But that complaint was that the cat was saying "meow" instead of "nyah." First of all, it's spelled "nya" or "nyaa." "Nyah" is what American kids say when taunting each other, as in "Nyah nya-nyah nyah nyah!" Or that's how we always interpreted it.

And second of all! if that's you're only complaint, why are you giving the Translation/SFX a B+? Shouldn't that be an A-? Unless he only gives As to really outstanding dialogue, in which case, it's really just a matter of opinion.

But anyway, you all know by now how we feel about sound effects. And after all the complaining I've been doing about how hard it is because our editors insist we come up with "English versions" for all the sound effects, this guy complains because we did just that! Arrrrrrrrrrgh!!!!

The reviewer's reason for his complaint was that by now all the fans know that Japanese cats say "nya." I could argue that it's actually better to have it as "meow," because you need to remember that some people are only beginning fans and haven't learned that yet. But the real reason we translated it is that it falls into category A of my three sound effects categories: the ones that have an obvious English equivalent, and thus get "translated." With that guy's reasoning, TokyoPop's lack of translated sound effects shouldn't be a problem, because by now the fans know that sound effects are really written in katakana, and/or they should have learned katakana by now. So Athena came up with the best come back, which is, "Yes, and by now all the fans know that Japanese people really speak Japanese, but for some reason you want us to change that anyway."

Okay, done complaining now. On to yesterday! ...or back to yesterday?

Anyway, it actually started Saturday night. Since Athena's throat had been kinda scratchy for a while, she was looking at it in the mirror and saw white spots. We don't know a whole lot about the different kind of throat diseases, but we do know that white stuff in the throat is a symptom of strep. So we panicked, but it was after one in the morning and there wasn't a whole lot we could do. We went to bed, after being a little confused, because if you have strep throat, shouldn't you be more x_X?

Sunday morning, we called Mom, who agreed to take Athena to the urgent care center by her place. We knew she wasn't going to church, because if she had strep, no matter how easily she can hold herself up, we don't want her infecting anybody else. When Mom got here, she looked at Athena's throat and, since she's had recent experience with people having strep throat, she was able to easily determine that that was not what Athena had. And we all breathed a sigh of relief, because even though we are insured, medicine is annoying, and we haven't paid our deductible on the new insurance. Mom also said that they're the kind of spots she would scrape off her throat with a crochet hook, so we're assuming it's not serious. Athena opted not to use a crochet hook, but to try the whole gargling with salt water thing instead, which seems to be at least a little effective.

Anyway, for some reason beyond us, we decided Athena would stay at Mom's place while I went to church, and that's why I forgot to bring our copy of The Lion King. We decided that The Lion King is our new Easter movie. It's kind of hard to explain why, but it just fits. We would have gone with The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, except for two things. One, we don't own it, and two, the reason we don't own it is that the director decided he liked all the awesome battle stuff more than the Aslan sacrificing himself for Edmund stuff, so the most important and Easter-like part of the story seems to have been hidden in a corner. But as I mentioned, my visiting teacher was being very very helpful yesterday, and so took me home so I could get The Lion King, and boy am I glad she did.

Everything was pretty much the same as it always is when we go over there, until Steve mentioned that it's apparently around the time of the Jewish feast honoring Esther? I think? And so it would be appropriate to watch "that movie," which turned out to be One Night with the King. I suspect he wanted to check it out to see if it would be appropriate to show to his seminary students, and based on his comments afterward ("about 70% of it was completely made up, but it gets you interested in reading the actual story"), I think it passed, so I feel so, so sorry for those kids. On the bright side, seminary is so early in the morning, it'll give them a nice opportunity to sleep. I can't even figure out why the movie felt like it dragged on so much, but by the time it got to the third climax, it was a little more obvious. It only strengthened my opinion that "grown-up movies are boring," and, as I sat there, afraid to comment too loudly for fear of getting in trouble, I looked forward more and more to watching The Lion King, which I am so glad Mom wanted to watch.

I had a bunch of comments on the Lion King while we were watching, but I can't remember most of them. Come to think of it, I think they were mostly, "This movie is so fantastic!" You can tell I really love it too, because, much as I love the word "awesome," I actually came up with a different adjective for it.

And I've been working on this entry long enough, so I guess I'm done. Today I'm thankful for Akadot Retail and their superfast shipping, brand new DN Angel art collections (it has an adorable picture of Daisuke and Riku!), getting another translation turned in, Athena not having strep throat, and new adjectives.