March 21st, 2008


Pleasant surprises

Today is just full of pleasant surprises. First, we found out that the Elemental Gelade Interview in the back of volume 10 was an interview with the characters in comic book form, and not an interview with the creator in all-text form. For some reason the latter always takes longer to translate. Go figure. But! because of that, all we need to do now is go back and tweak stuff and we're done! And that means no working tomorrow! No matter how tempting it is to finish Elemental Gelade and get to work on something else on Monday!

Hm, come to think of it, actually first was finding out that Akadot Retail has the issue of Asuka Magazine with the first new chapter of DN Angel in two years! And soon... it shall be ours! Mwahahahahahahahaha! I'm not sure if we want to go ahead and read it or wait for the tankoubon to come out, but we wanted the illustration collection that came with the magazine for sure.

Then we randomly got a pillow from the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and then the UPS guy showed up with our book on ninjutsu! Well, we were kind of expecting that one, since we went with the expedited shipping, but I wasn't sure if it would get here today or tomorrow. We also got shipping confirmation for our luggage!

And Mom called to let us know that we are, in fact, having dinner together for Easter. We figured we probably would be, even though we hadn't heard anything about it, because, as I mentioned last Sunday, we usually don't hear about anything until the day of. But apparently Celeste called Mom and was worried because she hadn't heard anything (she's much better at keeping herself informed, I guess), so Mom figured she should call and let us know too, which, in itself, was a sort of pleasant surprise.

Today I'm thankful for shiny books on ninjutsu, finishing the initial translation of Elemental Gelade, getting to sleep in tomorrow, getting to snack on pretzels, and having ordered that issue of Asuka Magazine.
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