March 20th, 2008


We pass!!

First of all, happy birthday pudges, kurosaki_koi, purplerebecca!

And now, the question on everyone's mind lately is "Do the Twins have passports?" Okay, probably not on everyone's minds, but pudges asked us yesterday and Mom called this morning with the same question. The answer, fortunately, is yes, and with a slightly amusing reason.

Back in 2004, Mom got engaged and we knew we had to find a new place to live. We were going to find an apartment in Anaheim to share with a friend of ours, but everybody was so stressed out that things kind of fell apart. And so! we decided to forget it all and just go to Japan. We had no idea what to do when we got there, but one thing we knew was that we would need passports. And so we have obtained them.

When Mom called this morning it was kind of funny. I answered and she said, "I was just thinking about you!" And I was like, "Well you must have been, because you're calling me." And then she asked if we had passports and when I said yes she asked, a little incredulously, when we got them. When I told her 2004, she said, "What happened in 2004?" And I said, "You got engaged and we decided to flee the country." Aaaaaaaahahahahahahahahaaa...

The stress had returned this morning, because we realized that we have six deadlines to fill in a little over five weeks, but fortunately Elemental Gelade is being pretty kind. This is especially fortunate because Athena's feeling a little under the weather, which means we're done with work for the day. But that's awesome because it means we get to read manga! But we do need to stop pushing ourselves so much and take more time to relax. We worked all last Saturday, and then ended up going to Mom's on Sunday, so not much relaxing time there. And this Sunday is Easter, so we'll probably be going over there again, which means no working on Saturday! (<--self-reprimand) It doesn't matter how close we are to finishing Elemental Gelade 10! (Well... maybe if we just have the interview left... We'll see. But no more than two hours! Or four. But no more than that! None!!)

Today I'm thankful for Elemental Gelade translations going superfast!, already having passports, getting to take time out to read manga, Palmer's fudge-filled and peanut-butter-filled chocolate eggs, and having enough tissues.