March 19th, 2008


Bags to pack

Today! is the Manga Life update day! But sadly, our column didn't make it up this week, because we were lame and forgot to do some stuff (sorry, Park!). So much for using that as something to talk about today.

And so! that leaves me with more Japan trip stuff. We ordered luggage today! Yesterday I said we would go shopping for luggage, but really the Disney Online store had had some luggage that we kept seeing in the newsletter and I really really liked it but we never got it because it was too expensive. Except! for the one time they were having a luggage sale, which, incidentally, was the same week American Airlines had their airfare sale, and thus counted as another hint from the universe that it's time for us to go to Japan.

The luggage sale ended without us buying luggage because we're lame, but since I reeeeeally liked this one set of luggage, we went to see if we might get it anyway. But yesterday I was freaking out too much, and that makes me think crazy things like what if the delivery guy hates us for making him carry such a big package? And because I was so worried about crazy stuff like that, and it's always hard to commit to spending money and stuff, I didn't notice that the luggage I liked (normally either $120 or $130; I'm not really sure which) was still on sale for only $50. Athena did, and pointed that out when we were leaving the grocery store today, so we decided to go ahead and buy it! Tadah! So soon we'll have some shiny new luggage with the Mickey Mouse emblem on it and everything. It makes me feel special♥

We also ordered a book on ninjutsu. How crazy is that? But we didn't order it from Disney, of course. That would be really crazy. But it would be pretty cool if Disney got some of their people in Japan and started working on a ninja movie. Animated of course. But they'd better do it right, or all the hardcore ninja fans would be like, "How dare they defile the way of the ninja with their Disney-ness!!!!" But they've made some pretty awesome animated movies. With the right team, I bet they could do it.

I think most of my fear about going to Japan now centers around all the Stuff that needs to get done beforehand. Fortunately, we have five and a half weeks to do it. But we still have to do it and THERE'S NO TIME!!!! Of course, there's also the fear that we're waaaaaay too picky for our own good, and thus will starve to death in Japan, but baranoneko reminded us that there's always convenience stores.

Today I'm thankful for the idea of shiny new luggage, Easter candy, convenience stores, books on ninjutsu, and having more time than we think we do (I hope).