March 18th, 2008


Always with the nervous

I'm not sure how tired people might get of our constantly talking about our upcoming Japan trip, but it's kind of a big thing so I hope you'll bear with us. Besides, trying to get all our work done in time leaves us little time to think about anything else.

We went to FHE last night, which turned out to be pretty annoying because they can't seem to figure out how to organize scavenger hunts properly. It was a valiant effort, but the girl in charge really should have made sure to tell the groups to only take the little eggs that matched the color she gave them to start out with. And then the first egg we found had the scripture reference (the clue) written down wrong. That's not going to help anything.

But afterwards we got to talk to people who made us feel a lot less scared about Japan, though it still comes and goes. Our former home teacher said he'd even drive us to and from the airport (about a four hour drive) if we decide that's more cost efficient than finding a flight there (we have an airport in Fresno, but the deal on Japan tickets didn't cover that airport). When we told him we bought tickets, he said, "So you have the whole trip planned out?" And we were like, "Nope!" And he was like, "Awesome!" which somehow made the idea of not having any plans a lot less scary. And we talked to my visiting teacher, who offered to take us shopping to get the stuff we need for our trip (we don't really own any luggage...), so things seem to be moving along pretty well.

And whenever we told someone that Mom was freaked out about us going, they got a very confused look on their face and said, "But you know Japanese!" Of course, our reaction is to be like, "But that doesn't mean we'll remember any of it!" which is completely ridiculous, but it's true that we tend to choose English when we actually find ourselves in a situation where either language can be spoken. We are so lazy. And also paranoid.

Then today we talked to parkcooper, who gave us ideas of what to do, and baranoneko, who gave us ideas on how to find our way around and where to stay, and confirmed that Gaijin Power works. I am so glad that Japanese people are so understanding.

*deep breath* We still have almost six weeks. It's going to be okay.

Today I'm thankful for all the support we're getting, Gaijin Power, still having time to figure things out, having cookies for later, and deep breaths (they really do help!).
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