March 14th, 2008



Wow, working all day almost made me forget what it was I was going to post about today, and it's pretty big, too. I guess it just goes to show that we're good at focusing. Athena even didn't remember until she saw me type, "And it's pretty big, too," at which point she was like, "Oh yeah. Whoa."

And what, you ask, is so big? We bought our first plane tickets to Japan ever yesterday. I was so freaked out about it that I almost typed up another post, but really at the time all I had to say about it was "!!!!!." Come to think of it, that's pretty much what I have to say now. It's exciting but it's really scary. I blame Mom for giving us neurotic genes. Eheh.

So maybe last night wasn't the best of nights to finish watching disc 1 of Full Metal Panic. We put it on our Netflix queue looooooong long ago before we canceled our service a couple years ago. I had mentioned Tomokazu Seki's AX appearance to Clay, and he listed a bunch of stuff he liked him in, and Full Metal Panic was the one thing we hadn't seen. So far Clay's anime recommendations have yet to let us down. But anyway, the last episode on the disc is the one with the plane hijacking, and we were already kind of freaking out as it was, so that certainly didn't help.

It's kind of weird, when you've dreamed about doing something for so long and then you finally decide to do it. If you dream about something too long, I think you start to want it to stay a dream forever. I'm not sure exactly why that is. Maybe because you don't want to be disappointed, or maybe it's like Inigo Montoya and how he has no idea what to do with himself when he's finally carried out the revenge he's spent his whole life training for. Like if your dream comes true, you won't have anything to look forward to anymore. Or something.

This is more the beginning of a dream than the fulfillment of one, though, so I think it's really just nerves. It comes in phases, which usually go from, "We're working! (not thinking about Japan at all)" to "We can't go to Japan, are we crazy!?" to "Yay Japan! It'll be sooooo awesome!" and back to "Are we crazy!?"

So for the curious, we're leaving on April 28th and coming back on May 5th. Athena says she sort of thinks that maybe we should have planned to stay longer, but she also knows that we're the type to be like, "We're having a great time! Now let's go home." We're too attached to home, I guess. And we think it's good for a start.

And finishing up Hockey Club translations always takes forever, and we're hoping to start something else on Monday (we're going crrrazy fast!), so it's back to work for us. Today I'm thankful for the ability to easily buy plane tickets online, having bought tickets to Japan (there's no turning back now! (well, actually there could be, but no!)), getting to sleep in tomorrow, having eggs to make brownies with, and deep calming breaths.