March 13th, 2008


Have a quarter.

It's been pointed out that I made the mistake of not linking to the column I mentioned yesterday, so there it is. It's updated biweekly on Wednesdays, so the next one should be up on the 19th. (We have it written up; we just need to tweak it a little and come up with a subtitle for it before we send it in.)

In other news, the case to Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Ring of Fates (I think there's at least one colon in there, but I'm not sure where it should go...) is adorable, but we haven't played it yet. We only bought one copy and we need another one if we want to play multi-player. And we're super busy. But! the guy at Game Stop was very helpful. We had been wondering what to do all day because we needed two more quarters to do a load of laundry, and all I had in cash was a $20 bill. There's not a whole lot you can pick up at Game Stop for less than $20, and we didn't want to ask Mom to drive us anywhere else, since it's tax season, and technically she shouldn't have taken time out to drive us to Game Stop as it was. We had originally planned to walk over to the nearby Little Caesar's, but we foolishly opted against it.

So anyway, we were at a loss for ways to get quarters. And then the guy asked, "Do you want to put five dollars down on a pre-order?" And as far as we know there aren't any games coming out that we Must Have, but since he had the catalog, I asked him if there was anything. And while we were looking stuff up, I realized that I could put down $5.50, and thus get the two quarters we need for laundry! It was brilliant! So we decided to put $5.50 down on Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2 (is it just me, or are Final Fantasy titles getting way too long?). And then, since I mentioned our quarter dilemma to him, he said, "Do you want to put down $5.50, or $5.25?" And we're like, "Now that's thinking."

Of course, if any of us were really thinking, I could have asked for a few quarters in whatever amount of change I ended up with, but this way is more fun. Plus we figure people working a cash register need quarters just as much as people doing laundry. And some places won't even let you exchange dollar bills for quarters! What's up with that?

Another option would have been to buy one of the cute little Mario Brothers figurines they were selling for $5 each. They were adorable, but... we just didn't buy them. I kind of feel bad buying figures and then just leaving them somewhere where we may or may not look at them occasionally, especially after seeing Toy Story 2. (Speaking of which, we got our DVDs yesterday, and now we own that and Finding Nemo, and our Pixar collection is complete! Tadah!)

Also, we decided to go ahead and start on Bus Gamer (since we were making such good progress on work), and it's still made of awesome. Saito is so cute. And Kazuya Minekura is so good with the character interaction. The anime starts most places (in Japan) on Monday. It's going to be very difficult to keep up with our no-more-downloading policy. Here's hoping it comes out on DVD very quickly.

Today I'm thankful for helpful Game Stop guys, having more Bus Gamer to look forward to, getting to do laundry yesterday, having completed our Pixar movie collection (we even have the collection of short films!), and discovering that the brownie mix Mom gave us is possibly the most ultimate of ultimate brownie mixes. Why haven't we made the brownies yet?