March 12th, 2008



I don't mean to bring attention to our new icons every time we use them, but this particular one doesn't quite match. I guess I could use a different one, but this gives me more to talk about. It did match last night when we were freaking out about stuff, but now we've hit our second wind, because, while we love Hana to Yume very very much, it seems to be out to kill translators. Okay, so maybe not, but it sounds funny that way. And today we're on Hockey Club, and we're already sixty pages into it and it's only three o'clock. How's that for a nice change of pace?

Last night, however, was insane. Part of it probably had to do with being sick and unable to think very well, but finishing that translation took waaaaaaaaaaaaay longer than we expected (okay, maybe only waaaay longer). We didn't stop working until almost ten o'clock at night! Well, unless you count the break we took to watch Jeopardy!, Wheel of Fortune, and Beauty and the Geek. Still, usually we've finished working for the day by seven, so thinking about that, and all our other deadlines coming up, and wanting to get everything in super early so we can go to Japan, and oh my gosh we haven't bought our plane tickets yet!, and all that stuff, we were very tired and stressed when we went to sleep last night. So Hockey Club going relatively quickly is like a breath of fresh air. Aaaaah.

Today is still kind of crazy though, because we have to go pick up Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles for DS (as if we have any time) from Game Stop, and do laundry. I think it's so funny that the recording from Game Stop that tells you the game you ordered is coming in names herself Aeris. But! Kinokuniya is run by ninjas and we already have the copy of Bus Gamer that we ordered, even though the e-mail we got yesterday told us they'd ship it today. As if we have time for Bus Gamer manga. Sigh. But it is very shiny, and I'm sure we'll find time to work on it at some point.

Incidentally, for all you Manga Life people out there, when we turned in that translation today, our boss from CMX e-mailed his thanks and also mentioned that he enjoyed our column on sound effects. It's kind of mind-blowing that so many industry people are reading it, though we guess they'd want to see what kind of reviews they're getting. It's also kind of funny that all our bosses (well, two out of four for sure) seem to be reading our column and yet our family doesn't even know it exists. I guess we should fix that.

Today I'm thankful for Kinokuniya ninjas, CD Japan ninjas (they said it would be two to four weeks to get the Romeo x Juliet soundtrack, but our order shipped after only about four days!), it being convenient for Mom to drive us to Game Stop after taking Celeste (who's car is in the shop) home from work, hitting our second wind, and Japanese chocolate snacks.