March 8th, 2008


On your right, you'll see some of the local arts and crafts.

I really don't have much idea what time Mom's going to come take us to play tutor, so I figure I might as well update now. We're feeling much better about life today than we were yesterday. A big part of this is that we talked about the offending e-mail with parkcooper and his wife last night, and they helped us realize that we didn't need to feel too bad about it. This was due in part to research revealing that this guy was, in fact, full of himself. We still can't ignore him completely, though, because otherwise we might end up full of ourselves, and that's no good at all.

When we were growing up, if anybody hurt our feelings at school, our parents would always tell us that they were just jealous because we were so much smarter and prettier. I'm glad they did that, because I think that's part of why we don't tend to have self-esteem problems (beating yourself up over a mistake doesn't qualify, I think). But I think that's why now whenever someone starts correcting us, our first reaction is to think they're just jealous for some reason, and that can't be good. Arrogance has always been a vice of our family, ourselves definitely included. We're working on it, though!

Anyway, another reason we're feeling much better about life is that we've been thinking about the Jungle Cruise. I'm not sure how many people understand exactly why the realization that Tokyo Disneyland (or Tokyo Disney Sea--we didn't really check) has a Jungle Cruise is such a giant motivator in getting us to Japan, so I thought it would be fun, for me at least, to explain.

So for those of you who have never experienced the Jungle Cruise, I'll just give an overview. When we went on it with our best friend from high school for his first time, we told him it was a ride where you go on a tour of the jungle and the guide tells corny jokes. Collapse )

I guess that's enough to give you an idea of what kind of jokes they have. After getting off the ride with our friend the first time, he said, "You told me they were corny--you didn't say they were bad for my health." And that! is exactly why it would be so incredibly awesome to ride the attraction in Japanese. Although for all we know, the Japanese version is more serious, like Storybook Land. We'll just have to go on the ride and find out!

We e-mailed our dad's cousin, who happens to live in Tokyo, and asked for tips last night. We haven't heard back from him yet, but regardless, we're getting closer and closer to actually getting up the nerves to buy tickets. And if all else fails, Celeste said she'd be happy to go with us and wander around aimlessly. I've mentioned we don't want to wander around aimlessly, but that's if we go by ourselves. If we had somebody to wander around with us, it wouldn't be so bad.

And the other thing that's helping us feel happy about life is the Gundam Seed Destiny Suit CD we're listening to right now. Sure Meer's version of Quiet Night completely defeats the purpose of the lyrics, but it's still fun to listen to. Eheh.

Today I'm thankful for good friends, the Jungle Cruise, the joy of reminiscing, Gundam Seed Destiny songs, and mozzarella bites.