March 5th, 2008


I think that's supposed to be a hint...

We suddenly ended up needing to read manga for work today, and that has a nasty habit of making me forget everything else that's going on. Why didn't I update Live Journal first? Oh well.

Now I remember! We've been on the Travelzoo mailing list for a long time now. We did it when we literally had no money, so we ignored it for a very very long time, but now we have money so we've been paying a little more attention. And it turns out that now is when they're having deals on trips to Tokyo. Of course, yesterday (or was it Monday?) we got the newsflash e-mail on some other deal on trips to Japan, so that and the one today kind of feel like the universe is saying, "GO TO JAPAN ALREADY!!!!" Especially because the dates for the deal mentioned today are right around our birthday. It's like fate or something.

So I've been thinking about it, and I'm like, "Well, we know we'd enjoy going to Disneyland--maybe we should plan a trip to Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea." And that's all well and good, but Japanophiles like us can't finally make it to Japan and only go to Disneyland. But since we have no idea how to go about Traveling, we're at a bit of a loss. People have suggested Steve take us to Japan, but our thoughts are 1)we don't want to go with Steve, 2)he wouldn't want to go to a lot of the places we'd want to go, and 3)if we did manage to get him there, he would probably not be happy about it, and it's never fun going anywhere with someone who doesn't want to be there.

Of course that brings up the question of what places do we want to go to, exactly? Well, we have a week to figure it out before the deal closes. Maybe we'll come up with something. Or maybe we'll be too distracted with work. But at least work is Awesome.

Today I'm thankful for a job that is Awesome, taking one less day than planned to finish Hiyokoya (but now it's over *sniffle*), Happy Hachiyo songs, alliteration, and getting to try out dark chocolate Chex Mix tonight.
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