March 4th, 2008


World Thinking Day sort of

I'm not sure where to begin today. Things got whirlwindy for a bit, so I'm a little confused about what I was going to write about today.

That's right! Family Home Evening. We'd gotten out of the habit of going, which was fine with us because Revenant Wings was taking forever to beat and we liked having the extra time to do it. But now we seem to have found ourselves a regular ride again, almost by coincidence it would seem (though most likely not), and thus we are again in regular attendance. Last night they had called a bunch of people (about five) to set up little tables with visual aids and talk about the cultures of different countries. Kind of like the Girl Scouts' World Thinking Day in miniature (I wonder how many people reading this would understand that comparison...).

The countries represented were Ecuador, Mexico, Taiwan, Argentina, and Russia. And what ended up happening was that all the attendees would go to a table and whoever was there would talk about their mission or their family, which is how they learned about the culture to begin with. At first, I was like, "Well, I guess it's good that they didn't call and ask us to talk about Japan, since I'm not sure we could do a whole spiel or anything," but as we went to the tables, I realize we may have been much more informative. Ah well.

Speaking of Japan, there's like an airfare sale or something so you can go to Japan from LA for super cheap (relatively), and we totally want to do it, but we have no idea what we'd do once we found ourselves in Tokyo. I mean, we want to go to Japan, but we don't want to wander around aimlessly. That's something we're not very good at.

Anyway, back to last night. We started talking to a friend and I'm afraid I scared her. Somehow Disney got brought up, and she mentioned that she thought all Disney movies were sappy. This is of course a matter of opinion, but since one of our constant battles (in my imagination) is proving to people that Disney and animated movies are, in fact, worth watching and not "only for kids," I think I reacted a bit too harshly, and since I know she reads our LiveJournal sometimes, I'd like to apologize.

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Speaking of Disney, our insurance agent has become an insurance broker, and she found a company that would give us a better deal, so she was visiting today. She's only been over once before, and we haven't had any reason to call her (thankfully), so it was kind of interesting that she became one of the several people who asks us, "Do you ever write any of your own stuff?" The fact that people keep asking really makes us wonder if we need to try it out. And then maybe! we can have an awesome Disney movie made out of it and everyone will think Disney is cool again. But we keep wanting to play through our video games first. We're beginning to wonder if it was a mistake to start playing Neo Romance games.

Today I'm thankful for friendly insurance broker visits, our delusions of grandeur, replacement air conditioning filters, candy from the apartment manager's office, Chicken Little.