March 1st, 2008


Another disappearing day

Seriously, there's not enough time in the year, it feels like. But today was nice. It started out kind of tense, because Steve came over to talk about stuff, but he apologized for being all dumb with the furniture, and we can see he's making an effort, so it's a good thing.

After that we spent a little bit of time organizing our bedroom and moving things into our new shelves. We put all our Disney movies inside them, so they're kind of hidden (since the little shelving unit has doors), which is sad because I want everybody to know that we're obsessed with Disney (the movies are arranged in chronological order!), but happy because I feel like they have a special place there. Athena even just suggested decorating the doors. That could be neat. We'll have to think of an awesome way to do it... as if we have time. Heh heh.

Later my visiting teacher came over and we spent several hours playing Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. (We have the thing that lets us play GameBoy Advance Games on the Game Cube, and we won't let her borrow KH2 until she's seen it.) That game is pretty darn addicting. Partially because it moves so fast, so it's easy to be like, "Let me just get to the next floor! It won't take long!" Five floors later...

Actually we stopped after the third floor, because then it was dinner time. Ah well. We'll just have to get together later.

And now it's time to watch our Netflix DVD and then see if we have time for some more video games before bed. Today I'm thankful for heartfelt apologies, remembering that Chain of Memories is pretty awesome (although that's dangerous, because it makes us want KH2: Final Mix +, which we so don't have time for), getting to share awesomeness, Mimsy liking the little house in the cat tree despite being distracted by new furniture to scratch up play on, and the piles of manga and DVDs in our room being considerably smaller.